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Over the years, we have constructed multi-level apartments, factory facilities, office warehouses, and other commercial projects.

We always bring our exquisite work ethic to every project and stay committed to helping build the commercial property you dream of.

You can expect high standards of integrity, focus on excellence in craftsmanship, and genuine value for money.

Why choose Lucy Commercial?

Our goal is to give you the best experience by presenting a straightforward approach and setting realistic expectations.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering value, commitment to design innovation, precise craftsmanship, and client communication.

Integrity and Good Communication



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Core Values

Lucy Commercial is dedicated to maximising your asset. We believe that our commitment to openness and transparency is what sets us apart from our competitors. We also believe that it’s about working smart—with specific goals, measurable behaviours, and an agreed timetable. By developing and adhering to a unified vision, we can set out a clear approach and expectations and deliver continual improvements.


Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

Together we will assist in designing your dream project by matching your vision with our industry experience

Attention To Detail

Attention To Detail

We pay close attention to details to reduce the likelihood of error and make sure changes are applied with clear communication when necessary.

True Craftsmanship

True Craftsmanship

To be a true craftsman, you have to care deeply about the product you are creating and the finishing touches as a result, and that’s what we are.



We come together to create a shared vision and with our decades of experience, we turn that vision into a reality.



We maintain an ongoing, positive working relationship at all levels to ensure goals are achievable, established and actioned.



We value accountability, and our commitment is to roll out the agreed strategy with efficiency, transparency, and with the ultimate goal of delivering an exquisite asset.

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

We use high-quality materials to ensure a durable construction. Having built many commercial buildings over the years, we guarantee that your project will be resistant to weather and time.

Why our clients love us!

Lucy Commercial works with you and your nominated Superintendent to ensure that at each stage of construction, quality is maintained through our detailed construction progress reports. From the way we guide, support, and inspire you through a build process that is totally transparent to the way we ensure your project exceeds your expectations, through to when we hand over the keys, we’ll always go the extra mile, and that’s what makes all the difference.

Read some reviews and see why our clients love us at Lucy Commercial!


“Throughout the tendering and construction period, Florin and Lucy Commercial have acted professionally, with honesty and with integrity. Florin is a caring and pleasant person to work with and always holds the client’s best interest at heart.”

Thiet Nguyen
The Vietnamese Catholic Community

“We have found Florin and his team to be very thorough, practical and always documenting every step of the way eliminating confusion as well as informing all parties.”

Harry Vetos
Dusk Apartments

“Florin Farcut was our first choice in Project Managing and leading the development for the above project and has proven to be very knowledgeable in the design process and has met all our expectations.”

Li Yu
Collinswoord Apartments

“My dealings with Florin have involved him in his capacity as a building contractor, and as a client for an apartment development project. Florin is well respected in the industry and I have found him to be personally fair, reasonable, responsive and un-conflicted in all interactions. His integrity in my experience is of the highest order. “

David Dawson
Brown Falconer Group

“Lucy Commercial was the successful tenderer to undertake the construction of the multi-million Vietnamese Catholic Community project in Pooraka, South Australia…The company’s excellence in client service resulted in a very satisfied client inclusive of the community.”

Kirkbride Architects

“Lucy Commercial have completed a commercial renovation project for our practice in the CBD and are currently constructing our premier apartment development, the Dusk Apartments at Henley Beach. This project is a very demanding high end development. Florin and the entire Lucy Commercial team have displayed exemplary patience and skill and are delivering an excellent product.”

Vartzokas Architects Pty. Ltd.

“I am confident in Lucy Commercial as a Builder and have no reservations in recommending them to any potential client. I believe Lucy Commercial have the construction knowledge, experience and capability to carry out intricate residential and commercial construction projects.”

Anthony Donato
Anthony Donato Architects
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